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About Our Grapevine Chiropractor


Dr. Taeho Lee

The story of why I became a Chiropractor and a Chiropractor trained in acupuncture techniques: I remember it like it was yesterday, even though I was just a kid. You see, I never felt good. Whether it was a headache, allergies, always feeling tired, it seemed like I was always suffering. And, that's not all... It was so bad that I couldn't concentrate in school. My parents would take me to the doctor, but all they could do was give me shots or different drugs to take. But nothing worked, and after a few weeks I would go back to the same doctor with the same problem. It just wasn't fair. I was lost and confused because it seemed that no one could help me. I wanted to be healthy and happy and I wanted to enjoy the things that I loved doing again. But after suffering for so long, I just didn't think that I had any other choice.


But, listen to this. I believed that no one could help me. But my mom convinced me to give her doctor a try, because she helped my grandma with a serious illness. This doctor felt pulse points on the inside of my wrist, and she put pressure on my back with her hands and did some Acupuncture on me. It didn't hurt. It actually felt good. I got relief, and soon I felt better than I ever had! I was so impressed about the changes in my health and I was so happy and excited. No one ever checked my nerve and energy flow of my body. I was so interested in her technique of therapy. Oh, did I mention that this doctor is a chiropractor and acupuncturist? 

In the country in which I grew up, oriental medicine is broad term used for therapies combining principles from acupressure and acupuncture as well as chiropractic care, which support the belief that the body has energy flow. Ever since I was 14 years old I have been passionate about learning oriental therapy and how to help others with the same problems, as well as headaches allergies, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalance, neck and how back pain, just to name a few. You should know that I don't heal anyone of anything. Several times a day patients thank me for helping with their health problems, but I can't really take credit. What I do is push the meridian to open the energy channel for balance and for the body to function better. The body responds by healing. We get tremendous results, quickly. It's as simple as that...what's unique about oriental therapy? 

In East Asia, there are so many different kinds of massage and acupressure treatments. It is very popular among people. In western medicine the only emphasis is on the chemistry in your body and not the biophysics of your body (the energy in your body). As we can see in a heart EKG, every cell has a charge and the energy is supposed to flow in our bodies. When this flow is blocked in our bodies, it can cause headache, allergies, asthma, pain, constipation, indigestion, PMS, infertility, menstrual disorder, hot flashes, night sweats, thyroid hormone imbalance such as low energy, cold feet and hands, anxiety and depression, feeling cold all of the time, weight gain, bloating, and increased appetite. We unblock energy flow and restore body balance and cleaning through oriental body work and acupuncture. 

Acupuncture and Acupressure have been used in Asian countries for 5000 years. There have been absolutely no side effects found in over a thousand years of practice. Dr. Taeho Lee has successfully helped not only neck and back pain but also allergies and hormonal imbalances using acupuncture and therapeutic acupressure. If you are afraid of needles, acupressure with an electrical machine would be a choice too. The basic therapy of acupuncture is to balance energy in your own systems. I'd like to offer a new healing experience to you. Call today and schedule an appointment. The number is (817) 552-7246. 


By Dr. Taeho Lee - D.C.

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